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Flashes and Floaters

Dr. Lisa Nath, MD, LLC Ophthalmology Specialists treat eye floaters and flashes throughout Pittsburgh, PA. Schedule an appointment online today!

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Lisa Nath Flashes and Floaters

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Eye Floaters and Flashes Treatment - Pittsburgh, PA

Floaters and flashers, clinically known as myodesopsia, appear as drifting dark specks, spots, threads or cobwebs. They’re caused by tiny clumps of gel or cells breaking down inside the clear, jelly-like fluid at the back of the eye (called the vitreous humor). Some look like squiggly lines, others are just round dots, and some have exotic shapes like flies, spider webs, veils or clouds.

At Dr. Lisa Nath, MD, our patients receive the highest quality eye care using state-of-art technology like the Optical Coherence Tomography, which allows us to see highly detailed images of your retina. Our office is a local favorite for our patients in and around Bellevue, PA. Our practice boasts of very short wait time, and we are easily accessible to all major towns in and around Pittsburgh, PA. We are open to serve you from 8:00 am to 4:30 pm from Monday to Thursday and 8:00 am to 4:00 pm every Friday. Please feel free to call us at 412-734-5022 or request an appointment online. We are always happy to help!



FAQs on Flashes and Floaters:

Who’s at Risk of Developing Floaters and Flashers?

Floaters and flashers become more common as we age. As we get older, our eye gel becomes thinner, making it easier for these cells to clump or break apart.

Some additional risk factors for flashes and floaters are:

  • Being nearsighted
  • Having a history of an eye injury
  • Having a family history (i.e. parents had flashers and floaters)
  • Having diabetes
  • Undergoing cataract surgery

We understand that it can be alarming to experience spots in your vision. While they are often harmless, it is always recommended you see an ophthalmologist right away for a complete assessment should you experience new flashers and floaters.

Should I be Concerned If I See Floaters?

Floaters are bothersome because they float around in the cavity of the eye, casting a shadow on the retina and constantly interfering with your vision. However, after a few weeks, the brain recognizes the floaters and notices them less. Additionally, some smaller pieces are often reabsorbed within the eye.

Although floaters and flashers are often harmless, sometimes they indicate the beginning of some serious problems, such as impending retinal detachment. (When the retina detaches, you can lose your sight completely, and even worse, permanently.) Retinal detachment, like many serious eye conditions, presents quickly and without pain.

Because of the many serious illnesses associated with flashers and floaters, it is absolutely critical to see an ophthalmologist as soon as possible - but you should come to your appointment with the knowledge that you are likely experiencing a benign issue.

If you are seeing flashes and floaters in your vision, don’t hesitate to contact Dr. Lisa Nath, MD and her team of dedicated eye care professionals in Bellevue, PA. From conducting evaluations to diagnosing causative conditions, Dr. Lisa Nath, MD can provide the highest quality of eye care to help you with this condition. Call our office at 412-734-5022 or request an appointment online to effortlessly schedule a convenient time to get a consultation.