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Dry Eyes Disease

Stop searching for "Dry Eyes Specialist Near Me". Our Dry eye specialists at Lisa Nath, MD, LLC relieve patients with persistent dry eyes throughout Bellevue, PA.

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Lisa Nath Dry Eyes Disease

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Dry Eyes Specialists - Pittsburgh, PA

Dry eye occurs when the eye does not produce an adequate quantity of tears, or it produces tears deficient in the water or mucus needed to lubricate the eye. Many people wrongly assume that any eye drop is a substitute for artificial tears. If you have dry eyes, however, it’s important to avoid products containing antihistamines and chemicals that shrink blood vessels and reduce eye redness; this can mask the underlying cause of your discomfort, making it harder to find long-term relief.

As with any medical condition, a diagnosis is essential for the proper treatment of chronic dry eye or redness. Through your exam, we can help you decide which treatment and care option(s) may be best for you.

Dr. Lisa Nath and her team guarantee expertise and the best quality of care for dry eyes. Our office is a local favorite thanks to its short wait time, and proximity to the heart of Pittsburgh. We are open to serve you from 8:00 am to 4:30 pm from Monday to Thursday and 8:00 am to 4:00 pm every Friday. Please feel free to call us at 412-734-5022 or request an appointment online. We are always happy to help!



FAQs on Dry Eyes:

What Causes Dry Eyes?

The cause of dry eye syndrome was once thought to  simply be a lack of tear production. It is now understood that it is caused by many conditions that involve not only tear production, but also the inflammation of the tear gland.

In fact, there are numerous causes of and contributing factor to cases of dry eyes:

  • Aging
  • Sun and wind exposure
  • Extensive staring at computer or television screens
  • Use of contact lenses
  • Post-surgical care and dryness

Certain medications have also been known to cause dryness in the eyes as well. They include antihistamines, decongestants, antidepressants, and sleeping pills. And the Journal of the American Medical Association showed that women on estrogen replacements are at increased risk for dry eye syndrome.

What are the Symptoms of Dry Eye Syndrome?

Some of the symptoms of this condition include:

  • Scratchy eyes
  • Redness
  • Persistent dryness
  • Stinging
  • Excessive tearing
  • Difficulty wearing contact lenses
  • Blurred vision that improves with blinking

What are the Treatment Options for Dry Eyes?

The most common treatment for the symptoms of dry eye syndrome is lubricating eye drops, which are effective but need to be used throughout the day. Even so, the eye drops do not necessarily address any underlying causes of dry eyes. In order to deal with dry eyes effectively, we also need to treat the poor quality tear production and any tear duct inflammation through medication or surgery, which must be performed by a trained ophthalmologist or eye care professional.

What Medical Conditions are Associated with Dry Eyes?

Rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, multiple sclerosis, and Sjogren's syndrome (a disorder of your immune system identified by its two most common symptoms — dry eyes and a dry mouth) are the more serious diseases associated with dry eye problems.

Who’s at a Higher Risk of Developing Dry Eyes?

Dry eye syndrome is a condition that is mostly prevalent in the older population, but patients of all ranges can get dry eyes.

Contact lens use increases the chances of dry eye syndrome, with a massive 35 percent of wearers reporting symptoms.

Other causes are thought to be lifestyle factors - such as frequent computer use and chronic systemic health conditions (like diabetes) -  as well as environmental causes, such as exposure to dust and heat.

Whether you're a kid playing video games, an engineer in the corner office anchored in front of a computer, or an older person enjoying your time at the park, your eyes need to be kept moist and lubricated.

If you are experiencing symptoms of dry eyes as mentioned above, it is critical to get an eye exam to check the health of your eye. Dr. Lisa Nath, MD and her team of dedicated eye care professionals in Bellevue, PA. would be more than happy to help you with dry eyes and offer high quality eye care. Call our office at 412-734-5022 or request an appointment online to effortlessly schedule a convenient time to get your eye checked for dry eyes.